Bluebelt Launches Dual Reward Referral Program Where Both Referrer & Invitee Get Benefits!

Yes, we want you… and your friend too!The Bluebelt community is continuously growing we are aiming to grow further as fast as possible.That is why starting August 20, 2018, Bluebelt will offer its Dual Reward Referral Program for our new and existing customers. We want to return the favor by giving you the chance to some passive income through our referral program.The Dual Reward Referral Program works in two ways:Referral Commission. Get 30% Referral Commission by Referring a FriendTrading Fee Rebates. Friends Enjoy 20% Trading Fee RebatesAre you eligible to this Referral program? If not yet, just follow these steps to qualify.1. Register for an account in Bluebelt. 2. Invitees should sign up to your Referral Link via MyPage. 3. Wait for the weekly calculation of your commission to be deposited every Tuesday @ 4:00 PM GMT+9. 4. Withdraw your commission through bank transfer or transfer to an external wallet provided that it must be for a minimum of 25 USD or an equivalent value in your Account’s denominated cryptocurrency.The best part of this program? There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer to Bluebelt. This means you have the chance of earning unlimited commissions as long as you can refer a friend!Remember, we strictly follow the “one account per one unique IP address” rule. Multiple registrations are not allowed.What are you waiting for? Invite a friend now and earn referral commissions while helping your friend trade for less!Read the full details of the Referral Program here in our Promotions Page.