Verification Process and MyPage User Interface Update

To Our Valued Clients,We would like to announce that there will be changes in the Account Verification process.For UNVERIFIED accounts, we will replace the current level 0 and level 1. The verification process will include email and phone verification. Please note that unverified accounts won’t be eligible to deposit or trade.For VERIFIED accounts, we will replace the current level 2. The verification process will require a Valid ID photo, a proof of address within the 3 consecutive previous months, and a selfie with your photo ID. Along with this, there should be a hand-written note bearing the word ‘Bluebelt’ with the current date on a piece of paper.Once you’re done with the verification process, you will be able to make the most out of Bluebelt and it’s features like making unlimited deposits. You can even deposit/ withdraw fiat with a withdrawal limit of US $15,000 per day.In line with this, we are also happy to announce that we have improved the user interface of MyPage to give you a better user experience that will be made available starting on Sunday, 23 December 2018. For queries and feedback, you can reach Thank you for choosing Bluebelt Exchange and giving us the opportunity to serve you better.