Thinking of Buying Crypto in Indonesia?

Trading cryptocurrencies have captured the global market by storm and Indonesia is no exception. Indonesia is one of the countries who has shown interest with the booming industry of cryptocurrency. Bappebti, Indonesia’s Trade and Ministry Futures Exchange Supervisory Board has stated in the previous year that the country will start trading commodities at the stock exchange.

Are you thinking of buying or selling crypto in Indonesia? Check out this guide and get valuable information on how you can start your crypto trading journey in the land of the Dutch East Indies.

Top Exchanges in Indonesia


Have you heard of Luno? Well, it is available to some countries since it offers an enticing fee framework to customers based in Indonesia.

Luno has a number of offices in Indonesia that’s why it has already established its name there. Luno makes it possible for Indonesian makers to be rewarded as high as +0.2% bonus per trade. This incentive program makes Indonesian very keen on using Luno. Luno is considered one of the most reliable exchange Asia-wide. Free deposits and low withdrawal fees are the deciding factors for Indonesians. However, you must think twice if you are very certain with privacy since Luno waller practices low privacy.


Who wouldn’t know about Coinmama? Aside from Indonesia, this exchange is also available in other countries as well. Coinmama is especially known in debit and credit card transactions. Purchasing cryptocurrencies is a great option with Coinmama The only thing that would make you think twice is their higher fees compared with bank transfers. You will incur 5.5% fees when you choose to use Coinmama. You need to have a wallet address since it doesn’t store any user funds on its exchange. As long as you have your own wallet, Coinmama will be a great option.


Known as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia, Indodax has recorded more than 50000 active users. You can purchase crypto coins in a variety of ways such as by cash, vouchers, and e-wallets. This gives the locals flexible options in starting crypto trading. The good thing about Indodax is that they also offer coins via their physical store. It only signifies that privacy is reinforced by the company. Like other exchanges, Indodax has the capacity to award up to 0.3% bonus to market makers.

Bluebelt Exchange

Bluebelt is one of the crypto exchange platforms in Indonesia that has a global presence. The company provides individual users and enterprises a unique crypto experience via quick trade execution and strong wallet protection.

Most Indonesians are opening their accounts in Bluebelt because of the reputable maintenance practices. One factor of its quick upsurge is their trading platform that is created to cater to all levels of cryptocurrency users. Newbies and professionals can benefit from its user-friendly functionalities.

As of now, there is no law restricting or banning cryptocurrencies in Indonesia. As an Indonesian trader, you should be wise in choosing the best exchange to trade crypto. Take advantage of the robust market and leverage your potential to earn more profits.