SPINDLE’S ZETA – A Matchmaking Platform

SPINDLE has just recently launched ZETA, a matchmaking platform last November 2018. It is designed for investors and crypto hedge funds. This platform plays a big part in the SPINDLE project that targets the democratization of investments.SPINDLE aims to give users more control over their investments via a decentralized blockchain platform in the form of ZETA.The ZETA alpha version implements a dictionary function of crypto hedge funds distributed across the globe, allowing users to browse information on about 156 cryptocurrencies around the world. You can check and verify the performance history of each individual crypto hedge funds that can be found in their own information pages.ZETA has the capability to record the operator’s plan and history using SPINDLE’s blockchain technology. Investors and users can judge and choose based on the information that can’t be altered or falsified.There have been a lot of cryptocurrency hedge funds that emerged in recent years and investors need to exhaust their efforts in obtaining information. ZETA is designed to mitigate this dilemma by reducing the time and effort in extracting data from individual crypto hedge funds. Apart from this, ZETA will make a logical comparison to help in the investment decision-making process, especially for new investors. It’ll be easier to narrow down the matchmaking process in finding the most suitable hedge funds for each individual.ZETA’s dictionary and search functions provide new investment opportunities to investors in the form of cryptocurrency hedge funds. The good news is that ZETA is going to extend its functions by allowing investors to invest in the hedge funds listed in it via the SPINDLE token. Early this 2019, the SPINDLE team aims to release the full commercial version Zeta beta.Why Invest in SPINDLE? Stable CurrencyOne of the reasons why you should invest in SPINDLE is its stability. It provides more liquidity for investors and coin holders. In determining the value of new tokens, society’s recognition plays a vital role via the ICO. In this view, if new coins or tokens will be burnt during the ICO stage, it won’t have any effect at all.Decentralized TechnologyIt is a fact that the value of currencies is relative. SPINDLE believes that there will be a period wherein currencies will be democratized. This simply means that no individual will have a total control on the value of the tokens.With these new functions of ZETA, it is anticipated that SPINDLE will be able to provide an enhanced asset management system and a more efficient matchmaking of cryptocurrency hedge funds via blockchain.