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Get 20% ETH Purchase BONUS

Buy More, Get More, Trade Better

Limited time Offer!

  • Get Your 20% ETH Purchase Bonus*
  • Local wire transfer
  • Instant orders
  • *T&Cs apply
How much you wantUSD
1 ETH @ 177.270 USD
How much you getETH
+ 20% Bonus
How much you get in totalETH
How much you wantUSD
1 ETH @ 0.000 USD
How much you getETH
+ 20% Bonus
How much you get in totalETH

What is BLUEBELT 20% Bonus on ETH Purchased?

The 20% ETH Purchase Bonus gives you the best deal in the market when you buy ETH with your local currency. You can get more REAL ETH as a bonus and gain your own profits from your trades. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Simply send your fiat funding via local bank wire ( which is very FAST and CONVENIENT) and type in how many Ethereums you need.

  • Instant Buy 1 ETH, receive 0.2 ETH bonus
  • Multiple local currencies to choose from: USD, PHP, MYR, MMK, IDR and more coming soon ( INR, AUD, JPY, KWR.etc)
  • Complete your ETH trade on BLUEBELT Exchange
  • Limited time offer

Buy Ethereum and Receive Bonus in four easy steps

Sign Up
Deposit Money
Instant Buy Ethereum
Claim your Bonus

Buy Ethereum and Receive Bonus in four easy steps

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • 1.Promotion Period: From September 05 (6:00 AM GMT+9) to December 31 2018 (6:00 AM GMT+9)
  • 2.This Bonus promo is valid for new and existing customers during the Promotion Period only.
  • 3.The Bonus amount is equal to 20% of the total ETH amount you successfully purchase in BLUEBELT Instant Buy.
  • 4.The Bonus amount is denominated in Ethereum and will be credited to your General Account at 4:00 PM GMT+9 the next business day, after your purchase has been successfully executed.
  • 5.The Bonus can be used to trade in all BLUEBELT Services, including Exchange, Margin Trade, Instant Buy/Sell.
  • 6.How to Withdraw the Bonus
    • Complete at least 50% of your ETH Bonus on Bluebelt Exchange during the promotion and 2 weeks after the promotion ends.
    • Completed trade is when your buy/sell orders are matched.
  • 7.Two (2) weeks after the Promotion ends, if you are still not qualified to withdraw the Bonus, we will cancel your Bonus.
  • 8.One account per one unique IP address is eligible for 20% ETH Purchase Bonus. Multiple registrations from the same IP address and/or multiple 20% ETH Purchase Bonus Accounts registered with same personal details are not permitted.
  • 9.Citizens of the United States, Japan, South Korea and China are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • 10.Bluebelt reserves the right to cancel or amend the Bonus or Bonus Rules at our sole discretion.
Read our full Terms and Conditions here.

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