• Aug042018
    Bluebelt gets successfully registered under AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence agency

    We at Bluebelt proudly announce our registration as an exchange under the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center or AUSTRAC last April 28, 2018.In Australia, we operate under the legal name BLUEBELT PTY LTD, a company that operates as a digital currency exchange provider authorized under Australian law. Our postal and principal address is 20 […]

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  • Jul162018
    Announcing the BBCX Corporation Partnership

    Today, we’re happy to announce our partnership with BBCX Corporation, a high-performance professional trading software startup based in Manila, Philippines. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Philippine central bank, sent an endorsement letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that supports BBCX Corporation’s acquisition of cryptocurrency exchange licenses in the country. This progress moves […]

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  • Jun302018
    BLUEBELT successfully acquires TWO crypto licenses in Estonia

    We at BLUEBELT happily announce our successful acquisition of our Estonian licenses. BLUEBELT acquired two types of licenses. One authorizes us as fiat-to-crypto exchange service providers while the other authorizes us a virtual currency wallet service. “Two core missions Bluebelt has are bridging fiat and crypto for easier mass adoption and providing industry-best crypto security. […]

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  • Jun152018
    BLUEBELT extends $5’s Worth of Bitcoin Promo after late demand surge.

    We at Bluebelt extend our $5’s Worth of Bitcoin Welcome Bonus up to Friday, June 22. That aside, all other Terms and Conditions remain the same. The demand for the Bonus increased unexpectedly during the final days of the promo period. We believe that it would be beneficial to both our clients and our team […]

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  • May102018
    Bluebelt Mypage and Exchange login problem has been resolved

    Dear valued customers, We would like to inform you that the login issue with Mypage and Exchange has been mostly resolved. For the time being, customers can do the followings: 1. Login to your account from Mypage. 2: Update Password and account details. 3. Make deposit, withdrawal, and transfer via Mypage. 4. View transaction history […]

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  • May052018
    Bluebelt detected a security issue with Mypage and Exchange

    Dear valued customers, We regret to announce that Bluebelt Mypage & Exchange are being attacked by hackers. This is part of a large scale stealing and blackmailing attempt. At the time of the incident, we took immediate steps to secure the data and prevent all potential major risks. There is a chance that the hackers […]

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  • Oct272017
    New Bluebelt Platforms

    A new Bluebelt accounts experience

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  • Oct272017
    Partnerships with financial institutions

    Partnership with high liquidity institution

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  • Oct272017
    Expansion of our enterprise to 10+ countries

    Innovation in crypto market exchange is launched in 10+ countries

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