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  • Nov092018
    RedCab, a Transport Solutions Token, Gets Listed on Bluebelt

    We proudly announce the listing of RedCab on Bluebelt Exchange! RedCab is a global transportation solutions platform that aims to bring back value to transport service providers and consumers through a decentralized platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts. The platform moves away from a commission-based business model to provide the highest profit margin (up […]

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  • Oct262018
    Scheduled Maintenance Notification

    To Our Valued Clients, Thank you for choosing Bluebelt as your preferred exchange. Bluebelt’s My Page and Bluebelt Exchange will be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance on Saturday, 27 October 2018. Maintenance time: From 11am to 7pm (GMT+9) For urgent inquiries, please contact our Customer Support Specialists at support@bluebelt.asia We are sorry for any inconvenience […]

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  • Oct252018
    Notice on Conclusion of Basic Agreement with PIXEL Companies Co., Ltd

    We, Bluebelt Co. Ltd and PIXEL Companies Co., Ltd (Location: Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. President: Hiroaki Yoshida) have mutually agreed, to list the tokens developed by PIXEL Companies Group’s “Fin-Tech IoT Project” in the auspices of their Smart Contract System development, to our cryptocurrency exchange we operate in one of our subsidiaries. This is a notice […]

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  • Oct252018
    Nevula, Established a New Partnership Agreement with Bluebelt

    Japan – Bluebelt has established a partnership agreement with Nevula, an online and land-based Casino ICO project. The new joint venture aims to give Nevula users a reliable and efficient crypto exchange platform and leverage the widest market reach in the industry. Nevula is an online and land-based casino ICO project that utilizes the blockchain […]

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  • Oct182018
    Dong-A Features Bluebelt, a Multinational Cryptocurrency Exchange

    As the size of the cryptocurrency market grew larger, cryptocurrency exchanges surpassed hundreds of billions’ worth of profit. What we should know here is that the fundamental and primary task of cryptocurrency exchanges is still to provide a platform for secure transactions. BLUEBELT, a multinational cryptocurrency exchange established to protect investors’ assets equally across nationalities […]

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  • Oct182018
    BLUEBELT Korea Signs MoU with DELTA

      “This MoU will enhance our global competitiveness and open new market opportunities.” – Pos Han, CEO & founder at Project DELTA “We expect a higher synergy in the global market.” – Kyu Chul Bang, CEO at Bluebelt On October 16th, Project DELTA signed a MoU with Bluebelt, an international cryptocurrency exchange platform, to actively […]

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  • Sep222018
    Bluebelt Lists SaluS (SLS), a Cryptocurrency Strategically Created to Increase its own Net Asset Value

    We gladly announce the listing of SaluS Coin (SLS) on Bluebelt Exchange platform. SaluS is a blockchain project designed specifically to have its NAV (net asset value) increase in multiple ways. In a way, you can say that it transparently shows its nature as an instrument for value appreciation. The SLS coin is designed to […]

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  • Sep222018
    Bluebelt Lists Concensum (CEN), a Global Copyright Register that Holds Violators Accountable

    We are happy to announce that we are listing Concensum (CEN) as one of our newest coins tradable on our Bluebelt Exchange platform. Unauthorized use of intellectual and creative property, particularly images, has always been an unsolvable problem in terms of holding violators accountable. It has always been said that once you publish your image […]

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  • Aug302018
    Bluebelt Boldly Announces the Listing of Its First Zero-Knowledge Proof Coin

    Do you think current popular coins and tokens are giving you the privacy, anonymity, and decentralization you need? If not, you may want to explore something new, like this new coin we are listing. We at Bluebelt are happy to list our first privacy coin, Zcoin! Once intended to be Bitcoin’s extension, Zcoin utilizes the […]

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  • Aug302018
    Bluebelt Now Accepts Fiat Deposits via Mastercard

    We at Bluebelt proudly announce that we are now accepting fiat deposits via Mastercard. This will give crypto enthusiasts more flexibility in funding their General Accounts on Bluebelt. Prior to this new feature, Bluebelt solely accepts fiat deposits via Local Bank Wire, leveraging our local presence in different cryptocurrency markets. Due to consistent community requests […]

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