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What is Bitcoin ABC?

Bitcoin ABC forked from the Bitcoin blockchain last 2017. It allows the processing of more transactions by increasing the block size. From 1MB, it increased the block size to 8MB. This was made possible by removing the Segregated Witness function to free up block space. The main goal of Bitcoin ABC is to increase the number of transactions to be processed, with the hopes of competing with the volume of transactions of PayPal and Visa.

Bitcoin miners started the Bitcoin ABC because it has the ability to scale effectively. These miners had their reservations on the adoption of SegWit technology. However, they felt that it is not capable of solving the problem of scalability. Aside from this, it failed to follow the concept outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Business Models

The blocks’ size on the blockchain sums up the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC. By increasing the block size, Bitcoin ABC can increase the number of transactions in one block. It works by processing large transaction volume faster with lower fees.

Another distinction between the two is the level of difficulty in mining. Bitcoin ABC’s mining difficulty depends on the computing power in the network for each period, not on a fixed amount of blocks. For this reason, many miners have migrated due to the faster rate of gaining profits and mining using Bitcoin ABC.

How to Deposit Bitcoin ABC with Bluebelt


Go to https://www.bluebelt.asia/ and Register for an Account


You can deposit your Bitcoin ABC into your Bluebelt General Account wallet and Exchange wallet, both of which use multisignature technology, for safekeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I use Bitcoin ABC as payment?

As Bitcoin ABC continues to grow, more and more exchanges will list BAB. If you are looking to use cryptocurrency for buying goods and services, take note that most vendors are not yet accepting it since it’s relatively new.

2. How can I get Bitcoin ABC?

If you have acquired your Bitcoin before August 1, probably you already have Bitcoin ABC. The good news is that the private keys connected with your Bitcoin wallet can be used to access equal holdings in BAB.

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