Midas, Officially Signed a MOU with Bluebelt

Estonia- November 27, 2018 -We are proud to announce that Midas (MAS) officially signed a MoU with Bluebelt to improve the chance of executing high-tech projects in Blockchains and Artificial  Intelligence.The MoU between Midas and Bluebelt will pave the way in creating an intelligent platform where users can manage, invest, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies. Midas Protocol offers wallet services that store full node of monitoring blockchains for a faster and more efficient searching process. It has the capability to swap different chain coins on-chain that is beneficial for coins in its early stages. Since Midas’ Wallet focus is more on the speed, the Multi-chains wallet is designed to be encrypted and Instant on. On the other hand, Midas Portfolio service can distinguish the best matching style and recommend it to the users.Bluebelt is currently licensed in Estonia and registered as a crypto exchange in Australia, operates in more than ten countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and India. We are currently developing an exchange platform that can manage and handle security tokens. We aim to be the premiere globally regulated crypto exchange that lists both utility and security tokens. Through our decentralized, operational structure, users can enjoy a regulated and legally-compliant business operation with a tangible presence in every established location. The partnership between Midas and Bluebelt will integrate Midas’ wallet system into Bluebelt Exchange to expand the volume via the portfolio management   The two companies are hopeful that the MoU will serve as the opportunity to the decentralized blockchain technology in the market.