Match-Making Platform for Investors & Crypto Funds Gets Listed on Bluebelt!

Do you think cryptocurrency and regulation can ever work together?Like Bluebelt and the recently listed ICOVO, SPINDLE believes that regulators can enforce consumer security without putting the cryptocurrency industry under a chokehold.If you think this is the next step towards a better future for cryptocurrencies, then you should be happy now that we are listing SPINDLE and its SPD token on Bluebelt!The SPINDLE platform is a highly transparent gateway platform that gives crypto users access to various investment options. Its goal is to keep investors’ fears, doubts, and uncertainty over investing in crypto.They plan to achieve this by developing fair relationships between asset managers and investors as well as encouraging bigger investment participation in proactive crypto asset management while letting fund managers take the risk head-on.SPINDLE expects its platform to educate people who have little to no investment experience. SPINDLE users, in turn, can learn about crypto trading in a gradual pace, giving themselves more peace of mind.SPINDLE allows no centralized authority to influence its operations, enabling people to invest and manage their assets on equal footing.Using blockchain technology, SPINDLE keeps an unalterable, fully disclosed records of operator information (including plans, history, and performance) that investors can effectively judge. Smart contract technology enables deals between investors and asset managers by replacing middlemen with code.To invest in managed crypto funds inside SPINDLE, you can make direct investments using its SPD platform token. Explore more of SPD using the Bluebelt Exchange platform and gain access to different investment options by Registering an Account in Bluebelt.