Here are the Top 10 Winners for the $10K Demo Margin Trading Promo!!!

We at Bluebelt gladly announce the winners of our $10,000 Demo Margin Trading contest!Here are the account emails of the top 10 winners!
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  3. th****rex14****
  4. ph****anh26****
  5. nt****ongbl****
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The TEN winners will receive the following rewards:
  • 1st Place gets $2000
  • 2nd Place gets $1000
  • 3rd Place gets $500
  • 4th Place to 10th Place proportionally split $6500 based on %ROI
The ranking is based on the highest return on investment (ROI). ROI = Profit and loss/Initial balanceThe prize rewards will be credited into the ten winners’ Bluebelt Live Margin Trading accounts. They will be denominated in the same base currency of the Live Margin Trading accounts.The exchange rate between USD and the local fiat currency will be determined at the market exchange rate on the day we credit the prizes on the Live Margin Trading accounts.The rewards can be used as Balance for Live Margin Trade.Stay tuned for more Bluebelt promos in the future!