Concensum – A Global Copyright Register

Are you a content creator? If so, then you must know about Concensum (CEN) since it’s all about you as a creator!What is Copyright?Copyright can be used for different type of work like books, reports, and digital content and images. The copyrights used for each content exist independently since some works are covered or protected by more than one copyright. Normally, the first owner of a copyright is you as the author. Why Do You Need to Protect your Digital Content?It is important to remember that copyright protects the way a concept is presented, rather than protecting the idea itself. Your digital content and image copyright is worth more than you think.Remember, your work is your ultimate asset. If you have demonstrated creativity when it comes to producing your content. Your concept and work can attain a significant value in the future that you can use as a financial collateral. Copyrights can be a legacy and last for several years.If by any chance someone infringes your digital content copyright, you have the option to pursue the legal grounds. You can get compensated for any financial loss. It’s best to explore your licensing options if you currently have copyrighted digital content or images that have attracted the interested of other individuals. Copyright infringements are common scenarios especially if your content is readily available online.A Global Copyright RegisterHow does it work then? Concensum will connect your digital content via the author based blockchain technology to secure your assets in the global setting. The CEN token aims to tackle the two types of challenges of most digital contents. The problem is users usually misunderstands the function of digital images and their licensing options. Meanwhile, rights holders find it hard to come up with a method of proving their ownership of digital content and other works. Concensum needs to come up with a “Test-Net” to provide a synchronized technology with blockchain, smart contracts, and token swap. This process will lead to the full functionality of the Global Copyright Register.Once creators uploaded images to Concensum, it will be automatically protected by strict monitoring of COPYTRACK. You will be automatically be notified via your Concensum account if there is a usage of your digital images. With just one click, you would be able to track down where your images are used. It has the capacity to show  the location where your digital content was used as well as the account of the person who used it.Concensum’s Blockchain In order to provide special function and management of digital content copyright for creators, Concensum developed its very own blockchain. The “OpCodes technology is utilized by Concensum to handle disputes and registrations efficiently. The best thing about this is that integration is by government institutions is made possible by this technology.Apart from dispute handling, Concensum will also provide full integration of the marketplace functionality that will let creators exercise their full rights on their content by being able to register, monitor, and license their digital images. Getting the full authority on managing your content online will pave the way in minimizing the incidents of copyright infringements. This is all possible with Concensum’s Global Copyright Register which has the power to license your digital images.ExchangesThe CEN token is now available and can be traded in Bluebelt. CEN is the official utility token of Concensum’s services. Currently, there is a fixed supply of 53,000,748 CEN tokens. Take hold of CEN token and experience a different kind of security of your assets by Global Copyright Register.