CoinPlanet, Officially Signed an MOU with Bluebelt

Seoul Korea, November 23, 2018 – We are thrilled to announce that CoinPlanet officially signed an MOU with Bluebelt to actively promote competitive blockchain technologies in the Korean market. Since 2016, CoinPlanet is a large community operating in Naver to provide the latest news in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not so long ago, CoinPlanet started utilizing YouTube in promoting cryptocurrency. The company created online channels such as Telegram to keep their investors and community up-to-date with the latest information and analysis reports on cryptocurrency.The company feeds high-quality information via their Facebook, Telegram, and other Social media channels. The dissemination of information is mainly focused on the Naver Cafe that garners an average of 4 million views. Bluebelt is a multinational exchange operating in more than ten global countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and India. We acquired licenses in Estonia and the Philippines and registered as a crypto exchange in Australia. We are also currently in the process of acquiring a license in Japan that is soon expected to be completed.The partnership between Bluebelt and CoinPlanet will yield accurate and fast information combined with Bluebelt’s differentiated service. It is expected to produce high synergies that will enhance our plan to secure a competitive edge in the cryptocurrency market. Check more details of the news @ .