Bluebelt, Officially Listed it’s Native Utility Token, BBXC!

March 1, 2019 (11AM GMT +9) – We are proud to announce that Bluebelt’s native utility token, BBXC, is now officially listed in our exchange!The BBXC token functions as a discount token designed to improve the liquidity of low-liquidity markets. Users can use it to pay for the different platform fees on Bluebelt such as maker and taker fees. It will also be used as the main token for Bluebelt’s future projects like the Bluebelt TokenStock and Bluebelt Commerce. The BBXC token will be paired with Minor/Major Fiat and Crypto.                FIAT                                                                                     CRYPTO BBXCUSD                    BBXCEUR                                        BBXCBTC BBXCJPY                      BBXCAUD                                        BBXCETH BBXCVND                    BBXCIDR BBXCMMK                   BBXCMYRAs one of BBXC token’s edge to other coins, the token is made accessible across a wide convergence of global networks of operations. Users can enjoy easier trade executions and seamless transactions and settlements.How to Deposit BBXC Tokens with Bluebelt?1. Go to and register an account. 2. Deposit your BBXC tokens into your Bluebelt General Account multisignature wallet for safekeeping.The listing of BBXC in Bluebelt Exchange paves a way to more opportunities in harnessing the power of the blockchain technology in carrying out financial transactions.