Bluebelt Lists SaluS (SLS), a Cryptocurrency Strategically Created to Increase its own Net Asset Value

We gladly announce the listing of SaluS Coin (SLS) on Bluebelt Exchange platform.SaluS is a blockchain project designed specifically to have its NAV (net asset value) increase in multiple ways. In a way, you can say that it transparently shows its nature as an instrument for value appreciation.The SLS coin is designed to increase in price through trading, a buyback mechanism, and using it to buy other investments.The top 10 addresses that hold the most SLS or someone who pays an annual subscription of 50 SLS can access SaluS services like technical analysis tools, viewing other trades, ISO analysis and news, private discussion group, and other trading and educational tools.SLS can be staked to gain rewards by running a node. SLS holders also get 1% annual interest if they hold their SLS.The SaluS team gets their own share of profits from various fees like the Foundation TX fees, which is 0.0001 coins per transaction.