Bluebelt Lists Concensum (CEN), a Global Copyright Register that Holds Violators Accountable

We are happy to announce that we are listing Concensum (CEN) as one of our newest coins tradable on our Bluebelt Exchange platform.Unauthorized use of intellectual and creative property, particularly images, has always been an unsolvable problem in terms of holding violators accountable. It has always been said that once you publish your image on the Internet, everyone’s pretty much free to use it with little negative consequence.Concensum aims to end this helplessness image rights-holders experience by creating a Global Copyright Register. Through Concensum, image rights-holders can easily register their copyrights for their digital image content. Once you created your account and uploaded your image, the platform will immutably link your images to you as the author and even provide you with a certificate for it.Like Bluebelt, Concensum also implements KYC, transparency practices, and cooperation with government bodies to maintain the integrity of our service and preserve the interests of our users.The Concensum token (CEN) is the official utility token for the utilization of Concensum’s services. This token was known before as the Copytrack token (CPY). The change in branding was done for strategic business purposes.There is a fixed supply of 53,000,748 CPY tokens. All circulating CPY tokens will be swapped for CEN tokens.