Bluebelt Extends its RedCab Token (REDC) Giveaway Promo

Good news! Bluebelt gladly announces that we are extending our currently running REDC giveaway promo.The promo will be extended up to 6:00 AM December 24, 2018 GMT+9.You can now get bigger REDC token rewards by doing the following:Step 1: Get 60 REDC Tokens (previously 40)
  1. Create a verified Level 2 account on Bluebelt.
  2. Join the Bluebelt Telegram Group.
  3. Like the Bluebelt Facebook Page.
  4. Send us a message with your Telegram ID and Bluebelt account email address to claim the reward.
Step 2: Referral Program – Get 40 REDC Tokens (previously 20)
  1. Get your friends* to open an account using your affiliate link
  2. Once they are verified Level 2 users, you and your friends will receive each 40 REDC.
*There is no limit on how many friends you can refer.The rewards will be given to participants on a first-come, first-served basis due to our limited REDC token supply for the giveaway.Check out our REDC promo page to know more about the Terms and Conditions.