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Why Security Tokens?

To the current global crypto community, the adoption of security tokens
may probably lead to the next crypto bull market...
Many coin issuers are moving towards a security-type model for their tokens to be legally regulated.
Regulated crypto assets like security tokens provide more familiarity and credibility to traditional financial institutions.
Security tokens can also take the form of tokenized real-life assets like traditional equities, real estate, and bonds.
The migration of traditional assets into the blockchain may potentially unlock and add trillions of dollars' worth of capital.
The coexistence of utility and security tokens will add to the legitimacy of a crypto-asset economy.
The adoption of security tokens can potentially give the traditional financial markets an amount of liquidity they have never seen before.

The Solution

BLUEBELT is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to disrupt the current crypto exchange industry by listing both utility and SECURITY tokens. We offer our users a robust, distributed, multi-market exchange network that can host not only utility but also SECURITY TOKENS under transparent, legally compliant management.

Our industry-first operational structure enables us to offer better price discovery for executing trades and faster fiat-crypto clearing and settlements.

To enhance local fiat money payment and liquidity, we operate a wide network of cryptocurrency exchanges in Estonia, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, and India.

Bluebelt Exchange is licensed and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Estonia (license no FVR000203). We have also applied for licenses in Japan and the Philippines, as well as security token exchange licenses in Cyprus and Estonia.

Our proprietary clearing mechanism and our network of fiat accounts in local banks enable clearing and settlement in less than 24 hours while keeping the fee charged to local customers small.

All of our exchanges will offer offline storage as the primary customer wallet. Any trade initiated within the BLUEBELT trading platform with a matching offline order will enjoy ultra-fast settlement.
We use BitGo, Inc.’s secure wallets with multisignature technology for our Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Litecoin, and select ERC20 tokens.

We will list Pre-ICO & ICO tokens to help potential crypto startups launch their tokens on our exchange after our careful in-depth analysis. We will also offer BBXC as a currency for funding and base for these tokens and ICOs.

Our mission towards sustainable development

Liberate Aisa
Opportunity Equality
Justice and Apparency

As an exchange, our main role is to facilitate crypto trades between traders across Asia and everywhere else securely and efficiently. We provide equal opportunity to all traders, regardless of their nationality, culture, religion, and so on by doing so.

This means traders from developing nations like India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia can invest freely in crypto assets issued by businesses and organizations based in developed nations like South Korea and Japan.

However, unlike many exchanges, we believe in applying justice through regulation and legal compliance to make sure that our new exchange ecosystem protects the safety and security of our trader community.

With this as our evident vision, we established our exchange business as a forerunning adopter in the diverse Asian markets. One of our strongest points is our ability to accept fiat currency through our 10 subsidiaries. With our extensive experience in doing business in more than 10 countries, mainly in Asia, we have the ability be the most powerful bridge between all global market participants.

Meet Our Platforms

The BLUEBELT platform suite is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading ecosystem streamlined by BB Coin (BBXC) and accessible from any market. Our platforms boast simplified design for easier website experience and usability for all levels of traders, from beginners to professionals.

LiveBluebelt Instant ©

Exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency instantly any time, any where

  • Offers the simple option to buy or sell preset or custom amounts of cryptocurrency, including BBXC
  • Offers multiple local fiat currencies with a custom front-end interface
  • Multilingual support.
  • Integrated with popular payment systems in the market.
Bluebelt Instant is connected to our wide network of local bank accounts to shorten the withdrawal process and keep bank processing fees small.

LiveBluebelt Book©

A Next-Generation Exchange Trading Model

  • User Offline Wallet safeguards customers' funds and allows ultra-fast settlement.
  • Single Offline Order Book based on Smart Order Technology connects all local BLUEBELT exchanges into a single point of liquidity, thus eliminating counterparty risk whilst enabling us to price the order book in many major and minor fiat currencies.
  • Liquidity Aggregator enables our BLUEBELT local exchanges’ platforms to connect to bigger crypto liquidity providers and process more than a million orders for every second.
  • Proprietary Trading offers our users the best execution in our network and from global exchanges without regional abnormality, enabling trades to be confirmed offline and accepted by Bluebelt Book©, thus ensuring near-instant trading.

Phase 1 version releasedBluebelt Prime©

The full-option chains for derivatives trading within secure cold wallet environment

  • Offers leverage and a variety of crypto contracts (e.g. futures contract).
  • Limit, market, and fill-or-kill order types.
  • Interactive trading experience.
  • Advanced trading charts with 18+ indicators.

Coming soonBluebelt TokenStock©

On Bluebelt TokenStock, customers are guaranteed to be able to purchase tokens during presales and public sales without long lines and KYC restrictions.

Coming soonBluebelt Commerce©

Accepting multiple digital currencies as well as local fiat currencies, Bluebelt Commerce is the easiest, safest, and most convenient crypto payment gateway AND e-commerce zone for your business.

BBXC will be one of the main cryptocurrencies accepted for transaction payments.

Why BBXC ?

  • Global Liquidity + Discounted Exchange Fees

    Traders and investors from countries with insufficient crypto liquidity can buy locally liquid BBXC with fiat currency, then trade BBXC with globally liquid BTC, ETH, LTC, and other coins and tokens on BLUEBELT Book.

  • Discounted Margin Fees

    Fund your Margin Trade platform with BBXC as you trade during bull and bear markets on margin/leverage.

  • Discounted Presale Token Purchase

    Buy exclusive presale tokens on Bluebelt TokenStock.

  • Make Payments Online + Next-Day Settlement

    Use BBXC to buy goods online at Bluebelt Store during checkout.

How It Work

How It Work

Token Presale

Token NameBB Coin (Bluebelt Coin)
Ticker SymbolBBXC
Token StandardERC20
FunctionNative, utility, liquidity, discount
Token Supply200,000,000 BBXC
Accepted CurrenciesETH, BTC, USD, AUD, EUR, JPY, MYR, MMK, IDR ( coming soon PHP, INR, KRW, etc).
Softcap1,000,000 USD
Hardcap30,000,000 USD
PeriodNovember 01, 2018 to February 28, 2019
Price1 BBXC = 0.9 USD
  • 25% (50 million BBXC) for presale
  • 2.5% (5 million BBXC) for bounty & airdrop
  • 2.5% (5 million BBXC) for core team & advisors
  • 70% (140 million BBXC) kept for company's operations

Token Function

Exchange for Other Crypto Coins/Tokens

Exchanging BBXC for other coins/tokens comes with discounted exchange fees, making it more attractive to traders.

  • 50%discountyear 1
  • 25%discountyear 2
  • 12.5%discountyear 3
  • 6.75%discountyear 4
  • 0%discountYear 5 onwards

Pay for Transaction Fees

BBXC can be used to pay for other expenses within the platform.

  • Exchange fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Listing fees
  • Other future fees

Token Distribution

  • 25% Distributed during presale
  • 2.5% Bounty & Airdrop
  • 2.5% Core Team, Advisors, Partners
  • 70% Company's Operations

Use Of Proceeds

  • System Development
    • Liquidity aggregator and system upgrades
    • Team recruitment, training, and development
  • Branding and marketing
    • Community building and management
    • Interactive promos and bounties to boost sales
    • Continual customer education
    • Advertising for popularity among end users and investors
    • Crypto industry innovations
  • Human resources management
    • Professional operations team
    • Further incentives for experienced marketing gurus
    • Huge team of 24/7 customer support team in many local languages.


our whitepaper and get to know more about the BLUEBELT business model.

Road Map

  • September 2017
    • Research and planning of BLUEBELT and BBXC
    • Establishment of the core team
  • October 2017
    • Start of the development of BLUEBELT Platforms
    • The BBXC Token of Concept
  • January 2018
    • Release of BLULEBELT Instant
    • Alpha version of BLUEBELT Book & BLUEBELT Prime phase 1
  • February 2018
    • Betaversion of BLUEBELT Book & BLUEBELT Prime phase 1
    • Research and planning BLUEBELT Mobile Trading App
  • March 2018
    • Release of BLUEBELT Book & BLUEBELT Prime phase 1
    • Preparations for Token Pre-sales & ICO
  • April 2018
    • Application of Exchange Licenses in Philippines & Estonia
    • Start of social media and online PR
  • May 2018
    • Alpha version of BLUEBELT Mobile Trading App
  • June 2018
    • Release of the 1st Welcome Bonus Campaign in 2 weeks
      • Daily opening accounts: 50
      • Total active accounts: 745
  • July 2018
    • Release of BLUEBELT Instant & BLUEBELT Book Web-App
    • Start of Token & Wallet Development
    • Legal consultancy & negotiations with governments about security token exchange licenses in Estonia and Singapore
  • August 2018
    • Beta version of BLUEBELT Mobile Trading App
  • Q4 2018
    • Start of BLUEBELT TokenStock
    • Start of Pre Sales
    • Release of BLUEBELT Mobile Trading App
    • Start of negotiation with ICOs
    • Legal Consultancy with Security token exchange in Estonia
  • Q1 2019
    • List BBXC on Bluebelt Exchange after Presale
    • Start of Token & Wallet Development
  • Q2- Q3 2019
    • Upgrades of BLUEBELT Instant & BLUEBELT Book
    • Start of BLUEBELT Prime phase 2 development
    • Start of BLUEBELT TokenStock
  • Q4 2019 - Q1 2020
    • Start of BLUEBELT Ecommerce development
  • Q2 2020
    • Release of BLUEBELT Ecommerce
    • Launch of full functionality of the platforms
    • Extension of the list of e-commerce partners

Our Core Team

Jack Tran

Jack TranPresident & CEO & Chief Compliance Officer
Country Officer - Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar

Ayako Hamai

Ayako HamaiDirector & Chief Strategy Officer

Isamu Nakamura

Isamu NakamuraChief Administration Officer

Isamu Nakamura

Norihito NakanishiChief Trading Officer

Miley Pham

Miley PhamChief Marketing Officer

Chloe Tran

Chi NguyenChief Customer Service Officer

Linh Tran

Linh TranChief Listing Officer

Q Bang

Q BangCountry Officer, South Korea

Our Advisors

Noburo Kitasato

Noburo Kitasato

Takatane Kiuchi

Takatane Kiuchi

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BLUEBELT at Korea-SoftWare Convergence Innovation Summit 2019 in Seoul, South Korea 6 Nov 2018

BLUEBELT at Korea-SoftWare Convergence Innovation Summit 2019 in Seoul, South Korea

30 Oct - 2 Nov 2018

BLUEBELT at Worldcrypto conference in Las Vegas, the U.S

30 Oct 2018

BLUEBELT at Bit! Forum 2018 FALL in South Korea

BLUEBELT at Blockchain Partners Summit in Korean 21-22 July 2018

BLUEBELT at Blockchain Partners Summit in South Korea

BLUEBELT at Beyond Blocks Summit in South Korea 17-18 July 2018

BLUEBELT at Beyond Blocks Summit in South Korea

BLUEBELT at ICOVO ICO Kick Off Party 17 July 2018


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Find answers to the most popular questions people ask us here.

The BBXC token is a utility token designed be Bluebelt's native platform token. BBXC holders will be able to use Bluebelt's services at their fullest potential and access exclusive platform privileges using their BBXC tokens.
BBXC is an ERC20 standard token issued on the Ethereum platform.
BBXC tokens can be used to buy/sell other cryptocurrencies or tokens and pay for transaction fees with discounts on Bluebelt Book. BBXC can be easily purchased via local fiat currencies at Bluebelt Instant and Bluebelt Book.
At the moment, we accept cash via Master Card and Bankwire. We also accept BTC and ETH.
We will finish token distribution by 18th March 2019 GMT+9.
BLUEBELT Co., Ltd is a Japanese company whose headquarter is based in Tokyo. We have other subsidiaries in more than 10 countries, including Estonia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, and Cambodia. The list is also added more in the future.
US citizens will not be able to participate in the BBXC Token ICO. We also plan to comply with restrictions placed on citizens of other nations and will continue to monitor the legal environment closely.
BBXC will be listed in our BLUEBELT Exchange platform since 1st March 2019 GMT+9.
We will create a total of 200 million BBXC tokens.
Minimum is 25 BBXC.
In order to participate in the BBXC token sale, you must complete the KYC process. We will be releasing our whitelist registration and KYC information soon. Please subscribe for updates so you won't miss anything.

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