10 Most Successful STOs


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 Security Token Offering (STO) is a hybrid formulation between old-style Initial Public Offering (IPO) and cryptocurrency ICOs. It’s an instrument used in investment fundraising that provides a controlled and low-cost approach. STOs are designed to surpass old ICOs. They can penetrate a much broader investor base than through an old-fashioned stock proposing. Now, in this guide, you’ll get to know the ten most successful STOs whose security tokens are available today for exchange in the secondary market. Blockchain CapitalThis blockchain venture capital firm established one of the original security tokens that gave way for a fresh $50 million VC reserve. In April 2017, it was able to rear $10 million within a few hours by selling BCAP tokens. This quick accomplishment, that most retail investors can’t reach, proves that there are more investors who need VC fund investments. When it launched the BCAP token sale, it was open to all. However, there’s a need for all BCAP token holders to register for validation — to prove that they are qualified investors.  The Blockchain Capital portfolio management platform has a current net asset value of $2.61, a 161% upsurge from BCAP issue cost of $1.00.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: $10,000,000
  2. Year: 2017
 Spice VCSpice VC dispensed a security token to elevate currency for its capital. It’s a tokenized project capital fund focusing in blockchain. Its milestones include raising $15 million in 2018. Spice VC’s goal is to bring the original liquid and all-encompassing VC fund to the venture capital industry. Its security token offering was acquiescent under the SEC’s Reg D. Rule 506 (c). Most of the funds collected came from accredited investors in the United States. Currently, its token’s net asset value is at $1.37, a 37% upsurge since the STO. Early financiers of the project were offered with tokens for $0.80 to $1.00. Investments of Spice VC include Bakkt, Securitize, and Slice.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Price in ICO: 1.0000 USD
  3.  Year: 2017

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 NexoGiving the original instant crypto-backed loans worldwide, Nexo has successfully launched it security token offering in the first quarter of 2018. It’s based in Switzerland and was able to collect $52,500 million. The platform’s functionality allows borrowers to deposit digital assets as guarantee to obtain credits in the form of fiat currency. The APR begins at 8% while recompenses can be settled at any time. Even though the Nexo token’s worth was challenged during the crypto winter, its lending platform received more than $1 billion in instant crypto credit requests. This proves that there’s more demand for cryto-sponsored credit lines.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: $52,500,000
  2. Tokens for sale: 525,000,000
  3. Year: 2018
 PolymathFounded by Trevor Leverkor, Polymath helps conformist financial securities conform to the blockchain know-how. This edge of this platform is having a comprehensive tokenization process with decentralized protocol. Trading is open only to qualified participants as the Security Token Standard (ERC-400) has controlling requirements. Bringing multi-trillion dollar financial securities market to the blockchain is possible with the help of Polymath.Through this platform, you can quickly and conveniently raise capital and make security tokens. Its investments include:
  1. Newchip that raised $2,000,000 in Jun 2018
  2. Nomics that raised $3,000,000 in Dec 2018
Additional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: $207,300,000
  2. Year: 2018
 Swarm FundAs a blockchain-based STO platform, Sward Fund functions on the SRC20 (cryptographic) protocol. This enables users to tokenize any type of assets, agricultural goods, crypto hedges, and a lot more. It has partnership with Techstars, and Techstars London Accelerator. The SWM token is listed on HitBTC — a global trading platform that has been operating since 2013 with multi-currency support.Additional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: $5,500,000
  2. Year: 2017
 HarborWhen talking about the best STO issuance platforms of all times, Harbor has always been on the list with blockchain technology. It has been reengineering private securities to cater a new wave of tokenized securities sponsored by real-word assets like:company equityreal estate-fine artand, investment fundBased in the U.S., some of Harbor’s 14 investors include Founders Fund, Future Perfect Ventures, and Navitas Capital.Additional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: $38,000,000
  2. Year: 2018

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Property CoinProperty Coin or PCX has 100 percent asset-sponsored security attached being managed by Aperture (a real estate technology and investment firm which is based in California, USA). In addition, Aperture primarily focuses on obtaining, recovering, and positioning of distressed residential real estate. It also makes effort in writing loans for small stockholders with the same stratagem.Through Property Coin, investors can utilize the blockchain to obtain a real estate portfolio that is professionally controlled. Currently, it has produced more than 50 percent unlevered IRRs on its investments.Additional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 16,800,000
  3. Year: 2018
 BlocksafeIn recent years, malware has been the cause of above 90% of all data breaches and more than 70% of this involves a key-logger. Due to this, there’s a need for a solution that could protect keystrokes even if the user’s unit was infected. Now, there’s one company in the U.S. that fortifies the entire blockchain ecosystem — wallets, trading, and private blockchains. It’s the Blocksafe.  Through its spread-out suite of cybersecurity solutions (CryptoDefender™), it focuses on user authentication and interaction.Additional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 76,800,000
  3. Year: 2019
 BlockportBlockport is the original social crypto exchange located in Netherlands. Through its end-to-end platform, issues in crypto trading are being addressed with effective and proven technological, social crypto economic concepts. The company’s goal is to bring the best crypto trading experience possible to users. It aims to make its own Ethereum based token where members can earn when they engage on the platform. Blockport has partnership with Tokeny — the compliant tokenization platform.Additional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: $15,118,350
  2. Year: 2018
 GainfyGainfy is an inducement-based healthcare platform which is based in New York, U.S.A. Its investments involve making people healthy and providing convenient access to medical and health resources. Through this platform, users can manage and monetize their medical and health data all in one place. Its features include:    blockchain Big Data analytics–  Artificial Intelligence (AI)   and, compliant secure data-tradingAdditional Info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 50,000,000
  3. Year: 2019

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 Final ThoughtsA token isn’t restricted to one certain role. In fact, it can bear out various functions in its innate ecosystem. It embodies an asset or utility that a business possesses that is being presented to stockholders during a public sale. In today’s technological advances, security tokens are becoming big. Their edge over cryptocurrencies remains to be a safer instrument, possessing strict regulations.