10 Most Successful ICOs

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 There’s one thing that has been on the lips of everyone when it comes to financing — cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchange. More and more people turn to digital currency to gain more profits. Do you know that the cost of shares continues to increase as time passes by? If you want to be a successful ICO investor, here are the ten most successful ICOs that can help you reach your goals:NEONeo is the original Chinese open source blockchain platform recognized as “China’s Ethereum.” It was formerly Antshares, and it’s continuously going up further. Its expertise includes using smart contract applications. These contracts have spread out commerce, digitized resources and identification. The success of NEO is through the support of Alibaba, Microsoft, and the Chinese government. With a 32,306.25% ROI and a trek in token value from $0.03 to $88.20, you can expect more big things from NEO.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: $28,056,944 or 6,119.53000000 BTC
  2. Tokens for sale: 20,000,000
  3. Year: 2017
EndChainLogistics play an essential part in expediting trade. But, there has always been a challenge. Most of the time, it’s not easy to get in touch with individual manufacturers, suppliers, merchants, and moving companies. To help users, EndChain created a blockchain that connects individuals in the supply series. Through a decentralized system, supply chains become more competent and cost-efficient. Endchain, bringing mass adoption of blockchain tracking to a variety of businesses, belongs to a circle participated by Logistics Plus, Amazon, and MailChimp.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount:  undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 74,567,312
  3. Year: 2019

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ChainZilla Blockchain has become famous for developers, commerce, and promoters in recent years. To give way for start-ups to enhance this technology, ChainZilla provides an end-to-end service for developers. Adequate tools are available to build their own blockchain, dApp, or ICO. It has strong partnership with Komodo and Nem Foundation. In fourth quarter of 2019, part of ChainZilla’s goals is to finance the improvement of a fresh SPV based Jumblr facility.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount:  undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 5,000,000
  3. Year: 2019
Doctor SmartDo you know what hackers did in 2017? Medical information and patient access were compromised because of the WannaCry virus attack. Now, if you’re an ICO investor, utilizing Doctor Smart can benefit you. How? You can encourage people to handle their own records through this platform. It’s a secure and decentralized way to save medical information. It has gained trust in the medical system as it enables patients to manage their own records. It provides services for digital health and wellness. Doctor Smart is being supported by Cryptonomos, American Telemedicine Association, and LangNet. Recently, it has signed a mutual agreement with the Eurasian Association of Therapists. This is to improve scientific, educational, and commerce collaboration.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Distributed in ICO: 57%
Proof of TOSSDue to issues of transparency in online gaming, regulators are doing their best to ensure that games are fair. However, some operators are still concealing their arbitrary number generator codes. With this, Proof of TOSS is implementing a peer-to-peer solution to the industry. With this, smart contracts will guarantee to resolve stakes. Through this system, disputes will be eradicated and payout times will become much faster. With its upsurge of available tokens, it’s one of the outstanding Ethereum platforms that you can find on the market. Its sponsors include Fairplay.kz, To the Moon Lab, and Crypto Lawyer.  So far, Proof of Toss has gained a lot of positive reviews and rating from most analysts.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: $ 1,702,799
  2. Token for sale: 550,000,000
  3. Year: 2019
AzbitExchange is a model business to invest in, and Azbit’s goal is to make the process of investing more effective. In the blockchain, quotes will be stored. Also, this decentralized platform will help users avoid struggles between traders and brokers. You’ll feel confident with this platform as it’s a European banking license holder. Azbit is determined to push through the Anti-Dump Policy. Also, it accepts numerous cryptocurrencies for an anti-crisis exchange rate such as the following:
  1. Bitcoin for $7770
  2. Bitcoin Cash for $450
  3. Ethereum for $430
  4. Dashcoin for $220
  5. and Litecoin for $80.
Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 240,844,800,000
  3. Year: 2018

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GuariumeCommerce’s worth continues to rise yearly.Now, if you need a system that can automate the vital processes of your online sales, Guarium can accurately facilitate all of them. This platform also caters the internal payment system that guarantees security for sellers and buyers. Since March 2019, it began allowing users to create their own online token exchange system or infrastructure for GuarCoin. By April 2019, it aims to penetrate the large part of the 5 billion e-commerce marketplace in Europe for international expansion. Currently, it’s one of the main payment methods in the entire e-Commerce Automation system. Also, it connects a wide range of online stores in several countries. It targets areas where central logistics and distribution systems exist.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 14,000,000,000
  3. Year: 2018
HubrisOneBanking sector has been providing a chance for many investors to become successful. Moreover, 15 percent of financial institutions all over the globe are active in the blockchain zone. In commodity space, one of the platforms where prices rise with ease is HubrisOne. This mobile app has gained popularity and has won the trust of several banks towards cryptocurrency. With its 1,000,000,000 total tokens, 60% are available for sale. Through HubrisOne, these features are all available which aren’t present to other players:
  1. Crypto-Fiat Debit Card
  2. EUR & BR Current Account
  3. Open Banking (PSD2)
  4. Crypto-Lending
  5. Instant Crypto Exchange
  6. Blockchain Cross-Border Payments
  7. Wealth Portfolio Aggregation
  8. Decentralised Marketplace
  9. Crypto-Price Tracker
  10. Dedicated Support
Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: undisclosed
  2. Tokens for sale: 600,000,000
  3. Year: 2019
StratisThis ICO startup is based in the UK. Its system is compatible with .NET and C#. This makes it a popular product for experienced users of Microsoft applications. Ideal for beginners, it allows business owners to comfortably make, check and render custom applications at ease. So far, it has an ROI of 56,000%. Part of its accomplishments is raising 915 BTC in five weeks. Here, you can invest on $0.01 per token.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: $610,908
  2. Year: 2016
LiskThis is the world’s original modular blockchain-based system.  Through this platform, you can make your own apps and operate them on sidechains. Most programmers prefer this system because it’s built with Javascript. It has gain a good reputation from many after gaining $5.8 million in just four weeks at the cost of $0.076 per token. So far, this successful platform has an ROI of 19,080%.Additional info:
  1. Total raised amount: 14,009 BTC and 80,742,575 XCR
  2. Year: 2016

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 The Bottom LineDue to the diversity of recent ICOs, they have found their way into several fields. In fact, modern ICOs are linked to resilient industries, gaining distinctive optimistic drive. Moving forward, the cost of your shares like digital tokens will be considerably lower than they would be if you spend at a later time. So, investing in crypto start-ups is an ideal move. Consider the ten most successful ICOs mentioned above for your convenience. An intimate connection between you, as an investor, and the company is guaranteed.