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  • Jan192019
    Cập nhật hệ thống – Việt Nam Đồng là đồng tiền cơ sở trong tài khoản giao dịch kí quỹ (Margin Trade)

    Bluebelt xin trân trọng thông báo tới quý khách hàng tại Việt Nam,từ ngày 19/1/2019, đồng tiền cơ sở cho tài khoản giao dịch kí quỹ sẽ chuyển sang Việt Nam đồng, thay vì là Bitcoin như trước đây. Chúng tôi hy vọng với sự thay đổi này, giao dịch sẽ trở nên thuận tiện […]

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  • Jan172019
    Cập nhật mới nhất về việc tạm hoãn sự kiện nâng cấp Ethereum Hark Fork do lỗ hổng bảo mật

    Bluebelt xin thông báo sự kiện Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork đã được hoãn lại vì lý do lỗ hổng bảo mật, thay vì được diễn ra từ ngày 14-18 tháng 1, 2019 như dự kiến. Vì vậy mọi hoạt động nạp rút ETH và các đồng erc-20 trên Blueblt sẽ trở lại bình thường cho […]

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  • Dec212018
    Thông báo về thay đổi quy trình xác minh tài khoản và giao diện MyPage

    Kính báo quý khách hàng, Sàn giao dịch Bluebelt có sự thay đổi trong thời gian tới về quyền hạn và dịch vụ cung cấp cho tài khoản chưa được và đã được xác minh như sau: Tài khoản chưa được xác minh – Unverified Account (thay thế cho cụm từ level 0 và 1 […]

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  • Dec152018
    Bluebelt Opens Fiat-Crypto Trading on Exchange and Margin Trade

    We at Bluebelt are announcing the initial launch of our fiat-crypto pairs on our Exchange and Margin Trade platforms. Fiat-crypto pairings will give traders a layer of stability in their trading activities, unlike in trading crypto with other crypto like BTC or ETH, both of which have volatile price movements. This stability of fiat currency […]

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  • Dec102018
    Bluebelt Launches “Bluebelt’s Next Top Token” Voting Event

    We at Bluebelt happily announce another of our giveaway event, the Bluebelt’s Next Top Token voting polls! We will conduct a series of community polls to determine the next tokens that we will list on Bluebelt Exchange. Tokens are cryptocurrencies that have no blockchain of their own. Most tokens use the Ethereum blockchain, which has […]

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  • Dec072018
    Scheduled Maintenance Notification

    To Our Valued Clients, Thank you for choosing Bluebelt as your preferred exchange. Bluebelt’s Registration and Bluebelt Margin Trade will be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance on Saturday, 8 November, 2018. Maintenance time: From 7am to 9am (GMT+9) For urgent inquiries, please contact our Customer Support Specialists at support@bluebelt.asia We are sorry for any inconvenience […]

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  • Dec052018
    Bluebelt Extends its RedCab Token (REDC) Giveaway Promo

    Good news! Bluebelt gladly announces that we are extending our currently running REDC giveaway promo. The promo will be extended up to 6:00 AM December 24, 2018 GMT+9. You can now get bigger REDC token rewards by doing the following: Step 1: Get 60 REDC Tokens (previously 40) Create a verified Level 2 account on […]

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  • Dec042018
    CoinPlanet, Officially Signed an MOU with Bluebelt

    Seoul Korea, November 23, 2018 – We are thrilled to announce that CoinPlanet officially signed an MOU with Bluebelt to actively promote competitive blockchain technologies in the Korean market. Since 2016, CoinPlanet is a large community operating in Naver to provide the latest news in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not so long ago, CoinPlanet started utilizing […]

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  • Dec042018
    Midas, Officially Signed a MOU with Bluebelt

    Estonia- November 27, 2018 -We are proud to announce that Midas (MAS) officially signed a MoU with Bluebelt to improve the chance of executing high-tech projects in Blockchains and Artificial  Intelligence. The MoU between Midas and Bluebelt will pave the way in creating an intelligent platform where users can manage, invest, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies. […]

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  • Dec032018
    BHC Cryptocurrency as Bitcoin Cash ABC

    We would like to announce that the BCH cryptocurrency listed in Bluebelt Exchange is Bitcoin Cash ABC. Last November 16, 2018, at around 3:00 AM GMT+9, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain split into two through a hard fork event. One fork is Bitcoin Cash ABC, the one currently supported by Bluebelt and advocated by crypto personalities […]

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