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Bluebelt Announces its Superb Trader Competition — Win Zero Trading Fees, Rebates, & BTC!


It’s time to show off your peak trading skills!

As a way of showing our appreciation to our dear customers, we at Bluebelt will be launching our Superb Trader Competition!

The trading competition will run from August 20, 2018 (6AM GMT+9) to September 3, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT+9).

To qualify for this competition, you need to be a new or an existing Bluebelt customer. Otherwise, you can create your Bluebelt account here first to qualify.

Then follow the instructions below:

Like Bluebelt’s official Facebook Page.
Share the competition’s official post from our Page on your Timeline and send a message to our official Facebook Page. Make sure it’s Public.
Fund your Bluebelt account and trade away!

We will rank the candidates according to their total crypto volume traded on their Bluebelt accounts. The trading volume includes pending and market buy & sell orders across all the trading crypto pairs within the Competition Period.

Winners of the Superb Trader Competition will enjoy the following prizes:

Rank 1 : 0.5 BTC & zero-fee trading in Bluebelt Exchange for a month
Rank 2 : 0.2 BTC & zero-fee trading in Bluebelt Exchange for a month
Rank 3 ~ 5 : 0.1 BTC & zero-fee trading in Bluebelt Exchange for a month
Rank 6 ~ 25 : 100% rebate on maker & taker fees during the Competition Period & zero-fee trading for a month

Winners at 1st ~ 5th rank will have their prizes credited directly to their General Account within three working days after the competition ends. 6th ~ 25th ranked Winners will have their trading fee rebates calculated and credited to their General Account in BTC.

Read the full details of the competition here in our Promotions Page.

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