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What is RIPPLE (XRP)?

Ripple is considered as the only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments. It serves as a connection to banks, corporates, and payment providers though the RippleNet in providing a solution to sending money across the world. It is built on the most innovative blockchain technology to provide access to the most innovative payment solutions.

Ripple is designed to provde these top three solutions:

1. Process Payments – implemented via xCurrent to process global payments of customers
2. Source Liquidity – implemented via xRapid to source on-demand liquidity
3. Send Payments – implemented via xVia to directly plug into RippleNet to send payments

Business Models

Ripple has improved its services by implementing a new business model that aims to implement micropayments apps known on interledger and XRP. The Ripple’s interledger protocol will be used to provide better rewards to the people using the platform. It has three source of income which are the investors, sale of XRP, and sale of ILP software.

How to Deposit Ripple (XRP) with Bluebelt

1Go to https://www.bluebelt.asia/ and Register for an Account

2You can deposit your Ripple (XRP) into your Bluebelt General Account wallet and Exchange wallet, both of which use multisignature technology, for safekeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the financial institutions that have adopted the XRP?

Some of the major payment providers such as MoneyGram, Cuallix, IDT, and MercuryFX has adopted the XRP since January 2018.

2. Is the XRP ledger centralized?

There will always be 21,400,000 Zcoins. Zcoin follows the same halving cycle (halving of block rewards) as Bitcoin (every 4 years).

The XRP ledger is not centralized. If the Ripple does not exist, the XRP would still exist.

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