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*T&Cs apply
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Bluebelt happily announces the next project to be listed on our trading platform. The Õpet Foundation token (OPET) is now listed on Bluebelt and available for trading! Supported trading pairs include OPET/Fiat and OPET/ETH.

As a way to celebrate this listing, Bluebelt will run an OPET deposit bonus campaign. Get ready to get bonus OPET just by depositing your own OPET tokens and trading the biggest amount of OPET volume.

OPET Deposit Bonus

  • Deposit OPET to get extra 10% OPET tokens in your account, e.g. deposit 100 OPET tokens, receive 110 OPET tokens.
  • Each customer can get a maximum of 500 extra OPET tokens as deposit bonus.
  • The minimum eligible OPET deposit is 100 OPET.

OPET Trading Contest

  • The top 5 accounts that traded the highest amounts of OPET on Bluebelt will win a share 2,000 OPET tokens amongst themselves.
  • Trading volume includes both buy and sell trades. Limit orders are not counted.
  • Each account's share will be proportional to its total OPET trading amount.
  • To be eligible for this, an account must have at least 500 OPET traded during the promotion.

How to Join


Sign Up

Sign up for a free Bluebelt account within a few minutes.

Verify your account

Login Bluebelt Mypage and provide your information to get level 2 fully verified.

Deposit OPET tokens

Deposit 10 or more OPET tokens into your Exchange wallet.

Receive OPET Deposit Bonus

10% OPET deposit Bonus will be credited into your General Account at 4:00 PM GMT+9 March 15, 2019, one day after the promotion ends.

Trade at least 500 OPET

Be one of the top 5 accounts with the highest OPET trading volume from Jan 31 (6:00 AM GMT+9) to March 28 (6:00 AM GMT+9) to get a share of the prize: 2000 OPET tokens in total.

Terms and Conditions

A.10% OPET deposit Bonus
  • 1.Promo Period: From Thursday, Jan 31 (6:00 AM GMT+9) to Thursday, March 14 (6:00 AM GMT+9)
  • 2.The Deposit Bonus and Trading Contest Promo are valid for new customers during the Promo Period only.
  • 3.To be eligible for the Promo, you must deposit 100 or more OPET tokens.
  • 4.How to receive the 10% bonus?
    10% OPET deposit Bonus will be credited into your General Account at 4:00 PM GMT+9 March 15, 2019, one day after the promotion ends.
  • 5.To withdraw the Free bonus, you need to USE THAT BONUS TO TRADE at least 10% of OPET Bonus/rewards on Bluebelt Exchange (both buy and sell ORDERS counts, we dont count PENDING orders) within 2 weeks after the promotion ends. Bonus CAN BE WITHDRAWN anytime as long as you meet the minimum requirement for trading and withdrawals.
  • 6.By Thursday, March 28 (6:00 AM GMT+9), if you do not have any OPET trades on Exchange or you have not met the minimum trading requirement pf 10% Opet Bonus , we will cancel your bonus with the following fomular:
    Cancelled bonus amount = total 10% OPET bonus - 10 * OPET Traded volume
B.2,000 OPET Trading Rewards
  • 1.Trading Duration: From Thursday, Jan 31 (6:00 AM GMT+9) to Thursday, March 28 (6:00 AM GMT+9)
    The OPET Trading contest rewards (worth a total of 2,000 OPET tokens) will be given and distributed proportionally to the top 5 unique traders that traded the biggest amount of OPET volume orders during the Trading Period.
  • 2.To eligible for this trading contest, your trading volume during the promotion must meet the requirement of minimum 500 OPET.
  • 3.Trading Rewards will be credited into winners' General Account at 4:00 PM GMT+9 April 01, 2019.
  • 4.Trading Rewards CAN BE WITHDRAWN anytime as long as you meet the minimum requirement for withdrawals.
  • 5.The OPET Trading Contest rewards are applied solely OPET trading orders which are opened and matched during the promotion.
C.Other conditions
  • 1.The OPET Deposit Bonus and Trading Contest rewards cannot be (i) transferred to any other person; (ii) transferred to another account holder or account; or (iii) exchanged for other benefits provided by BLUEBELT ASIA.
  • 2.One account per one (1) unique IP is eligible for the giveaway. Multiple registrations from the same IP nor multiple BLUEBELT Trading giveaway Accounts registered with same personal details are not permitted.
  • 3.Both Residents and Citizens of the USA or South Korea is not eligible to participate in this giveaway.
  • 4.During the Promotion Period, this Promo cannot combined with other promotions, e.g Dual Reward Referral Program.
  • 5.Bluebelt reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promo and its Rules at our sole discretion.

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