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The Biggest Video Airdop & Referral Rebates EVER

  • 300,000 BBXC
  • +
  • unlimited $$$
  • 100 bbxc

    For each video
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  • 10 bbxc

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  • 0.1 BBXC

    For each video VIEW

  • 1 USD per Lot

    When your referral
    closes a trade

*T&Cs apply

Are you YouTuber or a big fan of video-making? Are you thirsty for AMAZING content that grows your subscriber base FAST?

Bluebelt gives you the BIGGEST, MOST REQUESTED margin trading video airdrop EVER! We invite you to be part of this amazing campaign. You can not only get FREE BBXC as potential ROI but also receive REAL MONEY just by having FUN doing your hobby. LET’S START!

FREE 100 BBXC just for Making a Video!

  • Register an Account with Bluebelt
  • Get your Account Verified
  • Create a video about BLUEBELT MARGIN TRADE that shows you practicing on our Margin Trade Demo Platform here
  • Submit your video here

Get More BBXC for Every View and Referral!

  • 0.1 BBXC for each view you get
  • Refer your viewers via your video and get more BBXC for every successful referral.
  • Get 10 BBXC for each referral you make.
  • Referred Users must be Verified.

EARN 1 USD per 1 trading lot
when your Referrals close the trade on Bluebelt Margin successfully

Terms and Conditions

Video-Making Airdrop
  • 1.Video-Making Airdrop Period: From Saturday, April 27 (8:00 PM GMT+9) to Monday, May 27 (8:00 PM GMT+9)
  • 2. To be eligible for the Airdrop, you must:
    • Be a New or Existing Client who opened a Bluebelt account and completed the Verification process before the Airdrop Period ends.
    • Create a how-to or an introduction video about Bluebelt Margin Trading service, based on our guidelines.
    • Fill out the Video-Making Airdrop Form and claim the Airdrop here.
  • 3.Each account eligible for the Video Airdrop will receive 100 BBXC. The Airdrop amount will be credited into your General Account a month after the Airdrop ends, on June 27 (8:00 PM GMT+9).
  • 4.Total BBXC airdrop amount for video-making is 150,000 BBXC on first-come, first-serve basis.
  • 5.There is no limit on the number of submitted video for participants as long as they meet the video requirements.
  • 6.Eligible Video Terms and Conditions
    • Video has to be uploaded on YouTube or Instagram/Facebook during the Airdrop Period.
    • Video description must contain your Affiliate Link (for referral).
    • Video topic must be about Bluebelt Margin Trade service in the form of a how-to, an introduction, or a review.
    • Your Youtube Channel/Facebook Profile/Instagram Profile must be with at least 25 subscribers/followers.
    • Video must be more than one minute long.
    • Video must be unique and not copied from others.
    • Any abuse will result in the suspension of all Airdrop applications.
Video Referral Rebates
  • 1.Video Referral Rebate Period: From Saturday, April 27 (8:00 PM GMT+9) to Friday, June 7 (8:00 PM GMT+9)
  • 2.To be eligible for the Video Rebates, you must:
    • Be eligible for Video-Making Airdrop.
    • Your videos generate either viewers or referrals who sign up for a Bluebelt trading account via your Affiliate Links.
  • 3.Each eligible Video will get all of:
    • 0.1 BBXC for each view the video generates.
    • 10 BBXC for each referral who signed up through your Affiliate Link and finish the complete the Verification process during the Video Referral Rebate Period.
    • 1 USD (or equivalent in local fiat currency) per 1 trading lot when your referrals close their trade on Bluebelt Margin successfully.
  • 4.Video referral rebates will be credited to your General Account by June 27 (8:00 PM GMT+9).
  • 5.Total BBXC amount for the Video Referral Rebates is 150,000 BBXC.
Other Terms and Conditions
  • 1.The Video-Making Airdrop or Video Referral Rebates cannot be
    • (i) transferred to any other person;
    • (ii) transferred to another account holder or account;
    • or (iii) exchanged for other benefits provided by BLUEBELT ASIA.
  • 2.One account per one (1) unique IP is eligible for Program. Multiple registrations from the same IP nor multiple BLUEBELT Trading Accounts registered with same personal details are not permitted.
  • 3.Residents and Citizens of the following countries are not eligible to participate in this program: the USA, South Korea, the Philippines.
  • 4.During the Program Period, this program cannot be combined with other promotions, e.g Dual Reward Referral Program.
  • 5.Bluebelt reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promo and its Rules at our sole discretion.

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