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Dual Reward Referral Program

Refer your friends and get rewarded*

  • You earn
    Referral Commission
  • Your friends enjoy
    Fee Rebates

Earn Infinite Dual Referral Rewards

Your Friend pays $100 trading fee then claims back $20. YOU earn $30.

We at Bluebelt are very excited to introduce our customers to our Dual Reward Referral Program.

We genuinely encourage crypto enthusiasts like you to earn rewards for bringing in more users to Bluebelt. Another exciting thing about this program is that your friends will receive a fee rebate when they trade on Bluebelt.

Simply open an account on Bluebelt within a few minutes and share your referral link to your friends.

Don’t miss out on the most rewarding crypto referral program currently in the market!

  • Get 30% of all your invitees’ Exchange transactions fees.
  • Your invitees receive 20% fee rebates after they trade on Exchange.
  • No limit on rewards
  • Referral commission and fee rebates are calculated and credited to General Account every week.

How to Refer a Friend

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How to Refer a Friend

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  • 1.This Program will start on Monday, August 20 (6:00 AM GMT+9).
  • 2.This Program is valid for new and existing customers during the Referral Program Period only.
  • 3.This Program is applicable for trades (including both pending and market buy & sell orders) on the BLUEBELT Exchange platform only.
  • 4.The Dual Reward Referral Program will exclude trades from participants of the Superb Trader Competition.
  • 5.In this Program, “Referrer” is the one who refers their friends. “Invitee” is the one who is referred to open an account.
  • 6.Referrers receive referral commission, which is 30% of all Exchange transaction fees of their Invitees. Referrers’ commission is denominated in the cryptocurrency their Invitees receive after completing their trades.
  • 7.Invitee receives 20% fee rebate after she or he trades on Exchange. The fee rebates are denominated in the cryptocurrency the Invitees pay after completing their trades.
  • 8.The commission and rebates are calculated every week and credited to your account every Tuesday, by 4pm GMT+9.
  • 9.There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
  • 10.The Invitee must have signed up through your Referral Link, which can be seen on your My Page, since the starting date of this Referral Program.
  • 11.1 account per 1 unique IP address is eligible for Dual Reward Referral Program. Multiple registrations from the same IP address nor multiple BLUEBELT Dual Reward Referral Program Accounts registered with same personal details are not permitted.
  • 12.You can withdraw the commission and/or profits that are specifically attributable to your trading with the commission. However, each withdrawal request to transfer profits from your Account to your external Wallet or bank account must be for a minimum of US$25 OR its approximate equivalent value in your Account’s denominated cryptocurrency.
  • 13.Bluebelt has the exclusive right to terminate or amend the Dual Reward Referral Program, including the trading fee commission and rebates it granted, without prior notice.
  • 14.Citizens of the United States, Japan, South Korea and China are not eligible to participate in this competition.
Read full Terms and Conditions here.

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