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What is Spindle (SPD)?

SPINDLE is a utility token primarily used for blockchain-based investment funds. The SPD token serves as a key to a variety of investment management opportunities provided by fund operators.

Its aims to create a comprehensive platform where everyone can proactively invest regardless of his or her expertise and knowledge in investing. SPINDLE will track fund operators’s plans, performance, and history through the use of the blockchain technology so customers can choose among them using the available information.

Business Models

SPINDLE uses the ZETA function to qualify trading behavior of users and operators. It is categorized into four different stages which are Monitoring and Reporting Stage, Unique Distribution Stage, Distributed Credit Scoring System, and the Credit Autonomy Stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Zeta platform?

The Zeta platform is made from implemented programs that are primarily aimed at monitoring and reporting services via the blockchain technology that is currently managed and developed by the Black Star Group.

2. What products and services does Spindle offer?

Spindle offers the ZETA platform for crypto investment funds through the use of the SPINDLE app. It also enables an open and closed-form communication through forums for current users of the SPINDLE cryptocurrency.

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