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  • Jan312019
    Bluebelt Launches the OPET Deposit Campaign and OPET Trading Contest after Successful Listing!

    We are happy to announce that OPET (Õpet Foundation), a college data collection platform token, is now officially listed on Bluebelt Exchange and available for trading. Our supported OPET trading pairs include OPET/Fiat, OPET/BTC, and OPET/ETH. As part of our introductory campaign, Bluebelt will run an OPET deposit bonus campaign and trading contest for all […]

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  • Jan192019
    Bluebelt Update – Base Currency of Margin Trading to be Changed to Local Currency

    We want to inform everyone that Bluebelt will change the base currency of our Margin Trading to local currency starting on January 19, 2019, to give you a more flexible and value-added trading experience. This will give the locals a chance to trade directly with their local fiat currency. You can leverage your potential returns […]

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  • Jan162019
    Ethereum’s Hard Fork Upgrade Delayed Due to Security Vulnerability

    Please kindly be informed that the Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork expected to start on 14-18 January 2019 has been postponed due to security flaw. All deposit and withdraw process of ETH and ERC-20 tokens are still handled as normal on Bluebelt until further notice. For further information, please refer to: https://blog.ethereum.org Thank you all for […]

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  • Jan042019
    Get Ready for the Bluebelt’s Next Top Token 2nd Round of Voting!

    We at Bluebelt gladly announce the 2ND ROUND of voting for the Bluebelt’s Next Top Token! If you don’t know yet, the first round of voting ended last December 15, 2018, 12:00 PM GMT+9. The winning token of that round is IOST. Now, we will continue with the second round of voting to choose the […]

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  • Dis262018
    Congratulations to all the Voters of the Winning Bluebelt’s Next Top Token Vote to List: IOST!

    The first round of the Bluebelt’s Next Top Token Voting Event has been concluded. We are thrilled to announce the winner of the First Round Vote to List: IOST! IOST has been awarded a listing placement on Bluebelt Exchange. After IOST wallet integration has been done, we will list IOST against USD, EUR, JPY and […]

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  • Dis212018
    Verification Process and MyPage User Interface Update

    To Our Valued Clients, We would like to announce that there will be changes in the Account Verification process. For UNVERIFIED accounts, we will replace the current level 0 and level 1. The verification process will include email and phone verification. Please note that unverified accounts won’t be eligible to deposit or trade. For VERIFIED […]

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  • Dis182018
    Bluebelt Officially Lists xGateToken to Open Up New Markets

    We are happy to announce that xGateToken is officially listed to our Bluebelt Exchange Platform to make financial services more accessible. The cryptocurrency space has progressed into the mainstream over the past few years. One company called xGate Token aims to provide new services like fixed deposits and insurance products, which are normally offered by […]

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  • Dis182018
    Bluebelt Officially Lists MJC, a Crypto Billing Platform Token

    We are thrilled to announce MJC has been officially listed on our exchange platform. This listing is a part of their plan to expand in SEA and Asian markets. MJC is a financial platform where sellers or vendors can introduce the cryptocurrency mode of payments to their existing e-commerce malls and shops. This is made […]

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  • Dis152018
    Bluebelt Opens Fiat-Crypto Trading on Exchange and Margin Trade

    We at Bluebelt are announcing the initial launch of our fiat-crypto pairs on our Exchange and Margin Trade platforms. Fiat-crypto pairings will give traders a layer of stability in their trading activities, unlike in trading crypto with other crypto like BTC or ETH, both of which have volatile price movements. This stability of fiat currency […]

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  • Dis102018
    Bluebelt Launches “Bluebelt’s Next Top Token” Voting Event

    We at Bluebelt happily announce another of our giveaway event, the Bluebelt’s Next Top Token voting polls! We will conduct a series of community polls to determine the next tokens that we will list on Bluebelt Exchange. Tokens are cryptocurrencies that have no blockchain of their own. Most tokens use the Ethereum blockchain, which has […]

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We are happy to announce that OPET (Õpet Foundation), a college data collection platform token, is now officially listed on Bluebelt Exchange and available for trading. Our supported OPET trading…


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