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What is Module Joint Coin (MJC)?

Module Joint Coin (MJC) is a blockchain module provider that integrates an enterprise crypto billing system. As a payment platform, MJC can introduce cryptocurrency payments to the sellers who have existing shop or malls. The billing system allows the vendors to opt for cryptocurrency payment method on their shopping carts. New modules will be installed on the shopping carts to execute the payment system. The MJC project focuses on utilizing the blockchain technology to facilitate payment transactions which require a simple and non-complicated renewal process.

Business Models

The Implementation plan of the MJC token comprises of three Phases. Phase I covers the development of the modules and payment platform. The existing shopping carts will be integrated with cryptoccurency payment function and will be linked to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Phase II comprises of the consturction of the MJC Virtual Mall. The mall will only cater cryptocurrency payments exclusively. The last Phase will focus on building the foundation of the MJC Bank.


How to Deposit MJC with Bluebelt?

1Go to https://www.bluebelt.asia/ and Register for an Account

2You can deposit your MJC tokens into your Bluebelt General Account wallet which use multisignature technology, for safekeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a payment function?

The payment function serves as a mediator the termination of the borrowing and lending connection in financial transactions. Payment functions contain payment funds which use the blockchain technology.

2. Hows does the MJC token work?

Consumers can pay their products via the MJC coins they own and the vendor will receive either cash or MJC coin. The issued MJC tokens can be used on the platfrom to reduce the fee of the exchange

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