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$100 Million BBXC AIRDROP

  • We buy back your tokens at $0.50 per token, fixed price, GUARANTEED!
  • Buy at 0.9 USD fixed price during the Airdrop period
The Most Winnable Free Crypto Campaign You've Ever Seen

Risk-Free Buyback Guarantee!

  • Your Purchased & Airdrop BBXC - WE BUY THEM BACK ALL!
The Most Winnable Free Crypto Campaign You've Ever Seen
  • Airdrop period
    Start buyback
  • maximum bought back amount
    = your purchased BBXC amount
    Buyback rate: 1 BBXC = 0.45 USD
    2 years
  • maximum bought back amount
    = your purchased BBXC amount
    Buyback rate: 1 BBXC = 0.9 USD
    until all Purchased and Airdrop amount is bought back
maximum bought back amount your purchased BBXC amount

Guaranteed 20% Return on Investment after 2 Years*

Here's a real mathematical proof that joining our Campaign can give you 20% return. Let's say you have $900.

*T&C apply
Comparison of Returns
Airdrop + BuybackBank (6.8% annual interest rate)
Initial Money$900$900
Period2 years2 years
After Promo Period/1 year $450 (spendable) + 700 BBXC$953.96 (in the bank)
After 2 years $1080 (spendable)$1011.16 (in the bank)
% Return20%12.35%

We made sure that the math works in your favor. Join now!

How to Join the Campaign

  • 1
    Sign Up
    Sign up for a free Bluebelt account and go through our Verification process.
  • 2
    Deposit Money
    Select Local Bank Wire method in your country and deposit money into your Bluebelt account (General Account).
  • 3
    Instant Buy BBXC
    Simply enter the amount of BBXC you want in BLUEBELT Instant Buy. Your BBXC will be stored safely inside our BitGo multisignature wallets.
  • 4
    Claim your Bonus
    The Bonus is equal to 70% of the total BBXC amount you successfully purchase.
  • 5
    Apply for Buyback Guarantee
    During the Airdrop period, register your enrollment in Buyback campaign here.
  • 6
    Hold all BBXC tokens
    Hold all of your BBXC tokens (no trading, no withdrawals), then after the Airdrop period, Bluebelt will buy back all of your tokens at fixed prices.

Conquer the Crypto Market without the risk of losing money*. Limited-Time Offer.

*T&C apply

Why You Should Invest


Your BBXC tokens will be stored in BitGo multisignature wallets. Your fiat money will be stored in banks across the world.


Licensed by FIU (Estonia) at license number FVR000203. We are also applying for licenses in the Philippines. We are legally accountable to our customers.


The market is down. So what? This is exactly the right time not only to invest money you don't mind losing but also buy BBXC tokens at cheaper prices.

The Biggest Network of Local Crypto Exchanges in Asia

Directly paring crypto and fiat currency Free from volatility of trading BTC and ETH pairs.

Safer. Smarter. Better Choice

Why We Do This

Instead of offering you fancy, outlandish promises, we offer you something that we can truly deliver: low-risk crypto trading*
Communities can tell you to wait for a bull market. But will they be able to give you back the money you lost?
No influencer or exchange will do that for you. But Bluebelt can do just that exactly.
All you have to do is buy all the BBXC. Then you can either wait for the next bull market or sell it to us at a minimal loss.

*T&C apply

Terms and Conditions

100,000,000 BBXC Airdrop - 70% Purchased Bonus

  • 1.The airdrop starts from 3/16/2019 6:00 (GMT+9) and ends at 4/16/2019 23:59 (GMT+9).
  • 2.During the Airdrop period, by purchasing BBXC with a minimum of 25 USD (or equivalent in other fiat currency) successfully in BB Instant Exchange, you will receive additional 70% purchased amount Bonus in BBXC. BBXC will be sold at the price 0.9 USD during the Airdrop period on Instant Exchange.
  • 3.There is no requirement for holding or selling this Bonus amount for both Customer and the Contracted IBs.
  • 4.Maximum airdrop per account is 10 million BBXC (at our expected value at 10 million USD).
  • 5.Total airdrop supply limit is 100 million BBXC ( at our expected value at 100 million USD).
  • 6.The Airdrop Bonus is calculated twice a week and credited to your account every Monday and Thursday, by 4pm GMT+9.
  • 7.BLUEBELT may amend or discontinue this Airdrop without any prior notice to current Clients or prospective Applicants and without having to compensate anyone for that.

BBXC 100% Buyback Guaranteed

  • 1.To be eligible for this Buyback program, you must:
    • (i) Be eligible for BBXC Airdrop - 70% purchased Bonus Promotion
    • (ii)Hold all BBXC purchased amount and BBXC airdrop during the Airdrop period
    • (iii)Agree to join the Buyback program during the promotion by filling Buyback Application form and agreeing on our Buyback agreement at here.
  • 2.Once you sell or withdraw any BBXC purchased amount or BBXC bonus amount during the Airdrop period, you will not be eligible for the Buyback program.
  • 3.Once you submit the application form, you are required to join the buy-back program unless Bluebelt denies your enrollment after revewing your application.
  • 4.The Buyback is processed under Bluebelt's platform and will be made in private transactions subject to market conditions, applicable legal requirements, and other relevant factors. We will send a confirmation email with instruction to eligible buyback particitipants by 04/18/2019 16:00 (GMT+9)
  • 5.Within 2 years after the Airdrop period ends (we call Pre-Buyback Period), Bluebelt will buy back all BBXC purchased during the Airdrop period at the price 1 BBXC = 0.45 USD. This means, Pre-Buyback Period is from 04/17/2019 0:00 (GMT+9) to 04/17/2021 0:00 (GMT+9)
  • 6.After Pre-Buyback period ends, BB will buy back all remaining BBXC purchased amount and BBXC airdrop amount given to Customers and IBs during the Airdrop period at the price 1 BBXC = 0.9 USD.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • 1.One account per one unique IP address is eligible for the Airdrop or the Buyback. Multiple registrations from the same IP address and/or multiple Accounts registered with same personal details are not permitted.
  • 2.Only Citizens of Vietnam are eligible to participate in the $100,000,000 BBXC Airdrop and Buyback Guarantee campaign.
  • 3.BLUEBELT reserves all rights in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  • 4.If BLUEBELT suspects a Client has abused or attempted to abuse this Promotion to the detriment of BLUEBELT beyond the intention of the Promotion, then BLUEBELT may deny, cancel or withdraw the Airdrop Bonus and Buyback Guarantees to that Client, and either temporarily or permanently terminate that Client’s access to the online services and suspend or close the Client’s account.
  • 5.The Airdrop Bonus or Buyback enrollment right cannot be either
    • (i) Transferred to any other person;
    • (ii) Transferred to another account holder or account;
    • (iii)Exchanged for other benefits provided by BLUEBELT.
  • 6.Notwithstanding the translated language of this document, the English wording shall be the binding version in the event of any discrepancy between the two languages.