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What is Bluebelt Coin (BBXC)

BB Coin (BBXC) is the native exchange platform token of Bluebelt Exchange. BBXC works as a discount token that aims to improve the shared connection of low-liquidity local markets high-liquidity markets.

BBXC can be used to pay for different platform fees on Bluebelt, including but not limited to maker and taker fees. This native token will also be the official token of Bluebelt’s future projects like:
– The next phases of Bluebelt Prime (advanced trading services)
– Bluebelt TokenStock (crypto capital markets with BBXC as one of the official transaction currencies)
– Bluebelt Commerce (crypto e-commerce zone with built-in crypto payment gateway).

Business Models

The BBXC token is made accessible across Bluebelt’s global network of operations to offer depth and breadth to the users. Bluebelt’s multinational exchange network structure offers improved price discovery for trade execution and seamless transactions and settlements. The token serves as a transaction payment vehicle in transacting crypto assets in Bluebelt’s wide range of sophisticated services.


How to Deposit BBXC with Bluebelt?


Go to https://www.bluebelt.asia/ and Register for an Account


You can deposit your BBXC tokens into your Bluebelt General Account multisignature wallet for safekeeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the function of BBXC token?

BBXC token is the native utility token of the Bluebelt Exchange. It is a discount token that can be used for paying transaction fees on Bluebelt’s current and future platforms.

2. What is the edge of BBXC coin over other tokens?

The BBXC token’s value is tied to the demand for Bluebelt’s services and partnerships. The business has a uniquely advantageous position in the market in terms of filling up a niche demand. Thus BBXC has a strong case for future price appreciation.

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